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60-Second Video Tips: How Do You Make Sure Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy Is Spot On

Hmm, you're thinking. Impressive, but not much money there.

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And you're right. But hold on: Russett's followers, who'd been primed to see the film, were then invited to view the entire minute film in full itself shot on an iPhone on Amazon or iTunes.

And plenty of those young viewers 60 second strategy video.

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Relevant for entrepreneurs is the fact that Sixty Second Docs profiles 60 second strategy video just "characters," but companies using storytelling to promote their products. Below is our interview, edited for length and clarity. So, what does that mean?

So, five years ago, we saw the opportunity. So, we created Indigenous Media That's sort of what I mean by being thoughtful about where a show is.

Degrassi was the version that was made 60 second strategy video years ago, and [Five Points] is the version that is made now for Facebook for a different kind of audience. Same age group, different era. Tell me about 60 Second Docs and your strategy of online storytelling It's all about finding great stories that have an emotional hook.

How do you find and film the stories you cover?

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Virtually every resource we have is in-house; we have a research team that is developing stories, finding stories; we have a production team, post-production, so we are making these.

Where does the money for these films come from?

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We raised some capital about five years ago, launched and used our money to invest in projects that are going to go out.

We just announced our first television series with Howie Mandelwhich is a big part of where we're going next -- expanding into larger film and television projects.

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Tell me about these brand deals. Brands these days broadly are interested in being storytellers. They want to develop authentic connections, relationships, with the audiences they're trying to speak to, and the smart ones know that what they've been doing for a long time in terms of commercials and that way of communicating with consumers is not as effective as it used to be He wrote a book about it, and then that book turned into the movie.

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We connected with him in Colorado. And the 60 Second Doc tells the story in his own words, cut together with footage from the film.

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Can you extrapolate from all these things how the media landscape has changed in general? The way we look at it is, there are still opportunities in traditional media. But the world is very much controlled by a handful of massive companies, right?

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And the opportunities for entrepreneurship within traditional film and television are fairly limited because there are only so many buyers. And again they're sort of controlled by big entities.

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Whereas, with digital media, we have these channels available to us. Whether they're Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these are social platforms that allow us to reach audiences in ways that you couldn't do 15 or 20 years ago. We managed to build 60 Second Docs into the top-performing documentary series that just won the Webby -- and as a fully independent documentary brand without an affiliation with a major media company.

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And that's very unusual, right? And that speaks to the opportunities within digital to build your own business from scratch, to reach giant audiences, to be highly entrepreneurial in terms of thinking about how you can connect with those audiences and build interesting, unusual businesses -- and that's what's exciting for us.

People are very receptive to newer media. You look at someone like Issa Rae; she had a web series on YouTube she made herself, which was cool and authentic, and she created a really impressive career. There are countless opportunities for entrepreneur storytellers -- we're doing our first experiential activation in the next five or six weeks. So, if you have a story to tell, a fresh brand, a fresh voice, people are paying attention in ways they never have before.